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Turner 1161 2 Burner

Discussion in 'Military' started by snwcmpr, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. snwcmpr United States

    Nov 16, 2011
    I recently acquired a Turner 2 burner stove from @Hazet . Model 1161. I cannot seem to find very much information on it.
    What I do know is:
    > It was made by Turner Brass Works of Sycamore, Illinois.
    > It was probably made for military contract.
    > Turner used a valve, where Coleman used a lever, to allow air release with fuel during the preheat. This was also used on the Turner lanterns.

    This stove has a nice, secure way to keep the burner assembly and the tank assembly from moving around during storage/travel. You can see in the photos below the swivel locking mechanism for the burner assembly. There is also a 'collar' for the generator, with the tank assembly turned 'Up Side Down', that then uses the grill to hold the assembly into the collar when the box is 'locked'.

    When in use the generator is 'locked' into the manifold with a threaded collar that cannot fall off of the generator tube.

    It took quite a while for me to get the stove preheated, and then to get the flame to settle into a blue glow. That may be because of the broken pricker in the end of the generator. I believe that this stove uses the pricker to assist the valve in flame control. It was quite an 'adrenaline check', while preheating, to have a gushing of fuel flow through the manifold and into the stove box. And that was with the valve just cracked open.
    On the next preheat, after changing my pants, I opened/closed the valve as needed to keep the flame lit and heat the generator and manifold. That worked until it got hot enough to vaporize the fuel and, as you can see, I was then able to open the valves for a pair of blue flames.

    Ken in NC

    Turner 001.JPG

    Turner 002.JPG

    Turner 003.JPG

    Turner 004.JPG

    Turner 005.JPG

    Turner 006.JPG

    Turner 007.JPG

    Turner 008.JPG

    Turner 009.JPG

    Turner 010.JPG

    Turner 011.JPG

    Turner 012.JPG

    Turner 013.JPG

    Turner 014.JPG

    Turner 015.JPG
  2. scouterjan

    scouterjan Canada Subscriber

    Mar 24, 2010
    Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada
    Hi Ken, your Turner is different than mine. Here are some pictures for you

    Turner Camp Stove Genny Tip 001.jpg

    Turner Camp Stove Genny Tip 002.jpg

    Turner Camp Stove Genny Tip 003.jpg

    here is a picture of mine

    Turner Camp Stove 004.JPG March 2015, all my old stoves 018.JPG

    March 2015, all my old stoves 017.JPG

    regards Jan
  3. snwcmpr United States

    Nov 16, 2011
    That's nice, Jan. Thank you.

    I added a post in the pricker repair ... HERE.

    Ken in NC
  4. Doc Mark

    Doc Mark United States Subscriber

    Dec 12, 2004
    Morning, @snwcmpr , @scouterjan , and All,

    I never saw this thread, when you originally posted it, but found it exceedingly interesting on many different levels! One, is that I love the look of this stove; Another, is that the build quality appears to be very, very good, and this stove should be exceedingly reliable, I'm thinking; And, I must tip my hat to you, Ken, for your skills in working on such interesting, and little-documented stoves like this!! And, scouterjan, many thanks for your input, too. I read the other thread on this stove, where you two Gentlemen, as well as @cottage hill bill, kicked the informational football around, and back and forth, in the repair of the broken-off genny cleaning needle! I am simply in awe of such skills, and the intrepid fettling that can be accomplished through the practice of such!!! WELL DONE to all three of you Gents!!! I almost shudder to even give THOUGHT to attempting a project such as you have embraced, Ken! Thanks for sharing this, and sorry I missed it the first time around! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
    Ye Olde Doc (who possesses not the skills necessary to work on such things and admires the hell out of those who do!!!)

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