1897 & 1898 Primus catalogues: where are they?

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    Jun 23, 2013
    At the time of writing the oldest Primus catalogue in the reference gallery is from 1903. There are some small American made Primus ads from a little earlier, but 1903 is the oldest available catalogue; a whole 10 years after the commencement of full-scale commercial production!

    Catalogues from at least 2 earlier dates are known to exist but where are they?

    Extracts from an 1898 French edition Primus catalogue have been published and their first publication can be traced back to a blowlamp collectors club, but efforts to trace a current owner or location have drawn blanks.

    Similarly I have seen a "Primus Catalog No. 2", dated September 1st 1897, cited recently as a source reference. But again with no indication as to where this source document is actually located.

    Can anyone help locate either of these to see if it would be possible to get scan copies for the CCS reference library?

    And does any copy of the pre-1897 Primus Catalogue No.1 still exist??? What a find that would be!

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