1950s? JUWEL 21

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    There was a code of V1 13754 on the corner of the instructions and I suspect that this meant Version 1 13 July 1954. If this was correct the stove must have been made after that and most probably in the middle or late 1950s

    The reserve lid of this German made stove was unusual in that when the stove is in use the whole lid becomes the pump knob. Unfortunately when the tank is being carried this leaves a threaded end of the pump rod exposed. These could catch on fabric and tear it.

    1263036839-Juwel_21_ass_opt.jpg 1263036852-Juwel_21_flame_opt.jpg 1263036869-Juwel_21_inst_opt.jpg 1263036886-Juwel_21_pack_opt.jpg 1263036912-Juwel_21_box_opt.jpg

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