1953 and 54 Primus 71 stoves

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    After I was lucky enough to add an early 71 cookset to my collection I decided to look for some 71 stoves in tins. I picked up two on ebay for low prices (low for ebay) and they turned out to be consecutive years AS (53) and AT(54).
    This it appears was probably a transition year in stove and tin design.
    The stove gaining an SRV fuel cap instead of a solid fuel cap and soldered pin. The case changing from 10 hole design to 11 slot design. I already have the later Primus 71 tin and an Optimus 80 so I was pleasantly surprised by the thicker metal on the earlier cases. It's just a shame the cutaway in the pot support compromises the strength in this crucial area. Presumably why the later tin had a solid pot support.
    20201022_102107.jpg 20201022_102137.jpg 20201022_102142.jpg 20201022_102152.jpg 20201022_102200.jpg 20201022_102204.jpg 20201022_102244.jpg 20201022_102251.jpg 20201022_102304.jpg 20201022_102309.jpg 20201022_102320.jpg
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    Nice pair! Like you, I have some P71's from the early 1950's. As you quite rightly observe, it is an interesting time of transition of design. Myself, I like the design simplicity and functionality of the Primus 71 and Optimus 80 series. Very reliable too. Thanks for sharing.

    Simon Foxxx