1954 Primus 41 Roarer

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    Feb 12, 2013
    This is straight out the box with a replaced pump leather, the tank seal was nearly shot but held together for the first burn. It was reported that the stove had not been used for 50 years. With only a minor bit of fiddling it was up and running. Fettle Box supplied a new fuel cap seal and the operation was much improved. :D/

    I thought the flame spreader was missing but it was here, it needed a large amount of gentle panel beating to have it back in shape. I have yet to decide if the 41 will get the full polish. In my humble opinion it is is in just fine condition.
    Boil time for 500ml water 3 minutes.

    Yes :clap: that is my new copper Sirram kettle, Ebay purchase from Scotland.
    This Primus 41 was a very lucky local paper find.

    Cheers Sooty
    Handstands and cartwheels when this turned up.





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    G'day Sootyfingers,

    That's a nice 41 you've got there, perhaps you may be able to help Hazet out, he's also bought a 41 with a stuffed cleaning needle & is looking for a replacement. :?:

    I did PM him suggesting that he look into the possibility of modifying an Optimus 8R/99 item & would have happily sent him a spare, I've had no reply as of yet, now that you have both types, you'll be in a position to compare both types & if my hunch proves right, send him a PM, I'm sure he would like a solution to his problem, :)

    Best wishes=Johnno.

    If in doubt, brew up.