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413H A Good Day for Collecting

Discussion in 'Coleman No:413' started by fyrwokr, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. fyrwokr

    fyrwokr United States Subscriber

    Dec 4, 2011
    Bitterroot Valley Montana
    Found these three items at 3 different shops. This was built in 1983 and was new in the box. Papers are there, unfired and with tape still on the grill. I have never had a brand new one, undecided as to put away for later or use.

    1342919665-Colman_413H_1983.JPG 1342919691-Colman_413H_1983__4_.JPG 1342919702-Colman_413H_1983__5_.JPG 1342919723-Colman_413H_1983__10_.JPG 1342919758-Colman_413H_1983__14_.JPG 1342919772-Colman_413H_1983__2_.JPG 1342919789-Colman_413H_1983__15_.JPG 1342919818-Colman_413H_1983__8_.JPG 1342919843-Colman_413H_1983__17_.JPG 1342919878-Colman_413H_1983__17_.JPG
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