8R That Mom Gave me Last Year.

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    Greetings, All,

    Today, I've been working on some stoves, and also some pumps that were sent to be rebuilt. One of the stoves on which I worked was an Optimus 8R that Mom (actually my Mother-in-law) gave me last year for Christmas! She found it in a swap meet in Mesa, Arizona, and bought it for $10 to give to me as a present! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I have one heck of a fine Mom-in-law!!! 8) :thumbup: :D/ :clap: [-o< [-o< :D :D

    This stove came with a mini-pump in it's own little case (hand-made), and the proper cap for it, as well as the wrench/spindle tool. I decided that I would prefer to use this with an older regulating spindle that I had on hand, and installed that straight away, keeping the original wrench as a tool. Once I cracked open the fuel cap, I smell..... yep, you guessed it, KEROSENE!!! Hey, no wonder she got it for such a good price! The stove has not been used that much in it's life, and it's previous owner did the usual bone-headed mistake and tried to use it with the wrong fuel!! Obviously, it didn't work, so he sold it to Mom at that swap meet, and probably thought he pulled one over on her to get $10 for it!! :shock: :lol: :lol:

    Rebuilding the fuel cap was first in line, and I accomplished that with some help from my good friend Arne Kåre, in Norway!! Yep, he flew right over and gave some safe and sage advice on rebuilding the SRV, whilst I was doing the NRV!! OK, so he didn't fly over. But, it was from HIS outstanding post of a while back, that I got the info for just how to do this in a safe manner!!! So, in a way, he WAS here with me, helping!! ;) :thumbup: :thumbup: :D :D

    Here's the link to his excellent tutorial, but I warn you Newbies, this is better left to those who have learned enough from their past mistakes that they won't burn down their houses in the trying of it!! I'm actually serious about this, and ask you to wait until you have done some amount of successful fettling before you give this a try!!!

    Optimus 199 Help

    After filling it with Coleman fuel, and rebuilding the cap, everything else was checked, and the little 8R was set aside to see if the wick would draw up the fuel, or if I needed to replace that, too.

    In 20 minutes or so, I installed the Mini pump, and gave 3 slow pumps. Cracking the spindle, there were some bubbles coming out of the jet, and then raw fuel. "In for a penny, in for a pound", the little stove was taken outside, forthwith, primed, and fired up!! It sputtered, and fluttered, and flared up a good bit, then settled down to a regular prime. Probably burning off the kero residue inside the burner, and in the spirit cup. Once it settled down, it had a lovely and very strong flame, with a good pattern, though the tips were very yellow. In a very short time, however, the yellow begin to disappear, and very soon, I was rewarded with a wonderfully strong blue flame, with excellent form, and very stable!!

    Here's how it all looked:






    And, finally, here's this nice little 8R after testing, along with a printed version of Arne Kåre's excellent post on rebuilding the mini pump cap!!


    Here's how it looks today, in it's new home:






    This has been my user 8R since Mom gifted it to me!!

    Many sincere thanks to Arne Kåre for his help in this, and a huge hug and kiss to my Mom-in-law for always finding me some fun stove when she's out and about!! She thinks that, one day, she will actually find me an Optimus #9 and keeps a photo of one in her purse, so she can recognize it when she see's it!!! MAN, am I blessed, or what!?!! :thumbup: :thumbup: 8) 8) :clap: :clap: :D :D Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,

    PS - This is an older post which I thought should be here in the Gallery. So, if it looks familiar to some of you, you have probably seen it before!
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    Thanks, Doc.

    I think it’s important to show these full stove posts in the Reference Galley, so the repetition doesn’t bother me.


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    If anybody can find an Opti 9 at an antique shop for $25, she could.