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    So yes there is one "a little" different: different sparker and the anomalous grinding on the fuel block.
    in " Different MSR model 9's..." and

    this one is definitely different:

    However, the credit goes to @oddball and reason i post is for the following. Examples that likely exist in more numbers than what we've seen to date. We've seen at least 3.

    My title is model 9, but only anfeng's example is actually a model 9 but the detail we're after is the same, read-on.
    this is a model 9 of anfeng's in " MSR Model 9~9A "
    REASON i post is the fuel line bracket (w/telltale rivet above fuel line), this bracket (rivet) is what is different. The large hole differs as well. These early examples are "different" for sure. We'll get to more examples but anfeng has shown the only such model 9 I'm aware of to date.
    ASIDE: About anfeng's, he has decided this one is not his earliest, that may well be the case. I'm not sure the pump & pot supports would be details to be relied on. For now, right or wrong, I join those with the impression the late model 9 still had the short pot supports (model 9s have short pot supports, fiber board base and scalloped burner).

    Myself, I would not change anything, if anfeng model 9 came w/o short pot supports i would leave the long ones on it.
    Speculation alert: ...is this an R&D stove after 9 was in-production? or...?
    ["oh boss, what do we do with R&D stoves?" ... "they're good stoves, sell 'em"
    or "do what you want" and employee (and or whoever has one) sells them?

    Again, credit oddball, he showed us examples, some have been dismissive of oddball and others at times : ( .
    This next example oddball has posted two separate times:
    more notably in his excellent thread
    " Larry Penberthy’s (MSR Founder) Handwriting Verification "
    describing: February 28, 2016, "...an MSR first generation Model MF utilizing Model 9 components sold... " on ebay. It appeasr to be EXACTLY as described :thumbup::thumbup:. A close look shows us flat gen is wrapped with sm. piece of sheet steel.
    ... is this an R&D stove after 9 was in-production? or...?
    If it is R&D it could just as well be "MF / DF" R&D I suspect?
    Which leads to next example:

    a DF "museum piece" in " MSR Overview (from Outdoor Retailer 2011) "

    MSR DUEL -FUEL (and misspelled dual, huh). This display has also been dismissed, i can agree with fiber board base etc., it's not a "production DF" (or MF or G/K)
    None the less it is an example from MSR and we might try to learn from it (vs dismiss it).
    "Multifuel" was aborted (for lack of a better term) as a model... in name (and on paper).
    Anyway this thread is about the fuel line bracket and there it is again
    ... is this an R&D stove after 9 was in-production? or...?

    Observations now connected and shared (again), for further discussion to advance topic have at it.
    I missed those auctions of LP "stuffs" and haven't seen one w/bracket offerd, would love to own one, not likely to come to be.
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