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    I totally expect to get flamed for this but bear with me.
    I can across a burner (silent) of unknown origin, and it is... well it looks like it's been kicked around the field! No holes in the tube and had a jet in it. Apart from that ?
    So I thought 'A good one to learn how to clean up and get in full use'
    Now it's sitting in some citric acid (weak) and as my mind does, it wandered.
    Just how much do I know about jets and the sizing?
    I have some spare jets. NO idea what size. Same with prickers. I don't want to use the wrong one and potentially damage a jet by forcing through a pricker that is too large. It kind of goes on.
    Now CCS fountain of all knowledge re stoves, I tried looking up.
    I must admit, perhaps it's because I am dyslexic, but I do not find the search very helpful a lot of the time.
    Went to the fettling section thinking this must of been covered in a pinned thread a some time. Especially for new stovies (or people like me who just are too senile to remember!).
    There is:
    Fettling Tutorials: The Wisdom of the Ancients.

    Great thread but not covering (IMHO) some very basic things.
    So even if it is just links to posts that already answer the questions how about it?
    Let take jets (as I am pondering them lol). How many (and what) dif sizes are there? Lets exclude the exotic one off's'. What size would you generally use for Kero? etc. Sizes of prickers? Do they absolutely correspond to the size of jets? or are they smaller?
    How do you tell the size of a jet or pricker? I have a small draw full of prickers but no marking that I can see on them.
    Any new person coming to stoves might find it very helpful to have a very simple pinned thread that says things like this. How to tell a roarer fro silent?
    What are the names of the parts of the stove?
    You get the idea.
    Now some one is going to either put a link or say 'it's already done'
    I don't think it is. If it IS then it's buried and perhaps needs to be more obvious for new people who wont delve ten deep into various forums or threads to find what they see as a simple question.
    What I am thinking is a pinned thread that has posts like:
    Common jet sizes x,y,z,a,b,c
    X is used for (say) kero, Y for White gas, etc,etc
    Start with a link to the names for different fuels. The posts don't need to be redone, but links would be fine. But simple x,y,z stuff.
    A reference if you will for beginners. Then they can go on to asking more understandable questions.
    Ok flame away! lol (feeling good today so got a 'broad shoulders' lol)
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    Impossible to do that actually Alan. The pricker wire would buckle first. Supposedly over-use of a pricker in a jet it fits could, in time, wear the jet orifice and make it oversized. Possibly ‘back in the day’ when a No.5 two-pinter was used for all cooking in a domestic setting that could happen sooner rather than later, especially if unfiltered, dity fuel were used. Not so likely for the way we use stoves I’d say.

    Apart from the ‘furnace’ stoves in which the jets get correspondingly larger bore, a 0.32mm jet is very much the norm for most stoves. 0.23mm jet for a Primus No.4 burner and some early Primus 71 stoves is a tolerable rule of thumb.