A TOC manufactured early/prototype No12 stove.

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    First off, this is not my stove (I wish). I'm helping a lady via Facebook who found the stove in a caravan she and her husband bought. The images are used with her permission (thanks Jana).

    The stove is indisputably made by Tools of Coventry as it has TOC90 stamped on the lid.

    The only other prototype No12 style stove I'm aware of is John's (@presscall) one that TOC denied building which can be found here - Prototype Military No.12? Not TOC manufacture The general consensus regarding that stove was that it was probably submitted to the MOD as part of the stove tendering process by another manufacturer.

    In that post, John corresponded with TOC who in their reply stated, "During the mid 90’s we developed the No 12, which we still produce today." As this stove is stamped TOC90, it adds weight to the fact that this stove is probably a prototype.

    Afficionados of the No12 will note similarities between this, John's unknown prototype and the final TOC production No12:

    The silent burner.
    The fold-down legs reminiscent of the old British Army No2 stove.
    No lid securing clips.
    The burner surround with circular hole.
    Only one windshield - on the left.
    No air screw on the filler cap.
    No retaining clips for regulating handle, funnel or maintenance tool.
    Regulating handle loose but secured with a chain.
    No funnel or maintenance tool but being loose they may have become lost.

    I seem to recall someone fitting an Optimus silent burner to a No12. Perhaps that was the original intention but it ran poorly on diesel, hence the later switch to a roarer burner. There may be further differences that I've missed or may only become apparent on dismantling.


    121993172_1239029186463893_3415864832655085942_n.jpg 121969027_1239029153130563_6132075243483668935_n.jpg

    received_368631321216611.jpeg received_789603115165728.jpeg
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    Hi @Trojandog Quite a find! “Jana” certainly found the right man to work on this stove.

    It is definitely a TOC product although I am having difficulty making out the last two digits in the number stamped on the lid of the stove outfit.

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    @Trojandog , Hey, Terry,

    Excellent find for those folks!! It's always enjoyable to see such stoves, as they're not often found, nor seen, on this side of The Pond. Thanks for sharing it!! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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    Probably me, I’ll have used it at Newark as a silent alternative to the ‘stock’ one on the right.


    Fascinating ‘missing link’ you’ve presented there Terry and what you say about installing a burner suited to diesel is very plausible. That one of mine where the guess is that it was a product of a rival manufacturer to submit to the MoD as part of the tendering project was submitted as a diesel burner (see label).


    We’re agreed the Optimus burner wouldn’t have coped well with diesel though, but it looks from the ‘missing link’ stove that installing an Optimus burner didn’t prevent TOC from getting the contract, then subsequently installing the roarer of their own manufacture in subsequent production versions.

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    I spotted the post as well on Facebook. Kudos to Terry for trying to steer 'Jana' clear of the low offers and 'good homes'.