Aladdin 'Two Burner' Stoves

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    Aladdin Two Burner Stove

    @Tony Press @Kengal00 @ROBBO55 @Murgo @Matty

    Aladdin is a well-known brand, and they have manufactured many stoves with varying numbers of burners. The Australian made two burner stove model was popular around the middle of the last century in Australia. The stove has also been a liked addition with collectors and though it is not generally rare it is certainly not common.

    The CCS Gallery has several examples which have been added to over time. There is enough information available to us now to postulate on some of the variations a little more. I first commented on it in 2015 in a thread Aladdin Range when I suggested the curved fuel line models were probably later than the straight fuel line models with a T-jointed pipe to the burners. I also explained how the two variations had the fuel lines attached to the fount in a low and higher position. A different coloured stove was also mentioned and this is covered below. So this all starts to gel now.

    The Aladdin stove we are discussing is fundamentally a twin burner kerosene stove utilising regulated burners with built-in prickers and a centralised large fount underneath a simple pressed steel enamelled frame. The fount is generally steel but a few non-steel founts have turned up. One advertisement describes the stove as, a small stove, but I would not categorise it as such. For outside use a large carrying case was obtainable for a 75% premium.

    Firstly, one must consider the model name itself. Whilst advertisements sometimes show it as ‘2-burner pressure kerosene stove’ ( S.A. Motor November 1951), ‘portable 2-burner stove’ (Daily Examiner, Grafton, 14 Dec 1949), ‘kerosene-operated pressure stove’, Chronicle, Adelaide, 28 June 1951) it is preferable we consider its name in formal documentation.

    The user instructions, which, in my opinion, are a better guide to model name, are clearly labelled, “two burner kerosene operated stove” for the most common models from the early fifties, right through to the pre-gas model with a print reference (date?) of 500-11/69.

    Having looked carefully at the gallery pictures and other Aladdin stoves I am suggesting as a starting point for discussion the following below listed information.

    Chronicle 1951.jpg
    28 June 1951 Chronicle, Adelaide

    The Newcastle Sun (NSW, Tuesday 8 April 1952, page 3

    Aladdin ‘Two Burner’ Stoves

    Type 1 – ‘Aladdin Double Burner Stove’

    Refer to this article posted by @Kengal00 about this early Aladdin which goes by the name ‘Double Burner Cooker’.

    Aladdin 2 Burner Stove

    Certainly the feeling in the post from everyone is that there is a strong resemblance to overseas stoves by Radius.

    A 1934 article in the Australian Woman’s Mirror (V.10, No 6, 2 Jan 1934) mentions an Aladdin Double Burner Kerosene Stove.

    A 10 June 1938 article in the Northern Times mentions that the tanks have heavily plated good quality nickel and the stoves come in leaf green or blue porcelain enamel. This may be the color of the Kengal00 stove in the above post. The article also mentions the ‘Patent automatic safety valve’ built in.


    I note that in his post Aladdin suitcase stove

    @Matty mentions a 1939 advertisement which shows this Radius like Aladdin stove. Tony Press also in the same thread mentions a December 1938 advertisement which shows this stove. @Matty follows up with a mention that Aladdin stoves may go back to 1933. Read the thread to get the full story about the aging discussion but the general feeling is that this Type 1 stove may have been sold here in Australia for quite a while but possibly made elsewhere.

    Type 2

    Matty described some key differences in his post about his early Aladdin stove.

    Aladdin suitcase stove

    A recent post by @Murgo of what just seemed an odd Aladdin stove turns out to be the same type as far as I can tell.

    Aladdin twin burner with original instructions.

    I fiddled the image of it in Photoshop which showed the carrying case more clearly and I am certain it was the same as Matty’s stove and case. They both do seem to be an earlier version. Matty identified the following key differences:

    · Winged fuel cap

    · 2 catches on carrying case

    · An inner hinged compartment on the left side of the carrying case that swings open.

    · Straight fuel line from tank sides.

    · The pump outlet tube is different.

    I will add:

    · The pump tube is set directly into the fount (see type 3) and does not have a large nut present which is the same as the more common type 3 and 4 Aladdin stoves (See below).

    · The round control knobs have a slight protrusion in the centre which later ones do not seem to have.

    · Colors are interestingly different to the mottled black effect used with later types and appear to be a military green though it’s hard to tell the original color of the top rings. It may be the red and green that Martin mentioned in this thread: Aladdin Range

    · The documentation appears to be quite different to the later long running documentation and the name Cookers, Portable (Aust.) has been mentioned and is evident in Matty’s post (mentioned above).

    Type 3
    1. Type 3.jpg

    · The start of the more common Aladdin Two Burner stoves

    · The pump tube is set directly into the fount and does not have a large nut present.


    · Round black control knobs; generally with poor white painted direction indicator.


    · Straight fuel line which comes off the fount about at a third height.

    · Carrying case optional (No inner hinged compartment any more)

    · Mottled black paint most frequently but white/blue also seen.

    · Cost £9/6 in early 1950’s. (£12/9/6 with the carrying case option).

    · From late forties through early fifties approximately

    Type 3 to 4 Transition

    · Curved fuel line (4)

    · Still has round control knob (3)

    · Straight filler cap knurling (3) (Note: I have seen one Type 3 with diagonal).

    · Has nut on fuel pump tube (4)

    Type 4

    · These models have an obvious nut on the pump tube.

    · Aladdin embossed moulded control knobs.


    · Curved fuel lines which feed from the lower part of the fount.

    · What I think is my latest Type 4 has a longer pump tube extension from the fount than all the other models. Not sure if this is just not a workman’s mistake.

    Type 5 – Pre-Gas (about Dec 1960 to later)

    Refer to the following post by @ROBBO55’s.34756/

    · Wire diamond patterned grill introduced.

    · Aladdin badge on frame above fount.

    · Documentation varies: Some such as mentioned by Martin (@ROBBO55) in his post (see above) indicate an earlier type but other documentation I have seen show it correctly with the wire grill, so some have the same information as earlier whilst some have the new picture, though the Aladdin badge is shown vertically (perhaps for advertising effect), whereas gallery model has badge horizontally in front of grill.

    · Control knobs are still the Aladdin shaped black pointer.

    · Carrying case is optional but appears to have a better handle but still has just one catch.

    · Curved fuel line.

    Type 6 – Propane

    · Aladdin apparently introduced a propane model with similar look to Type 5 though I cannot find a photo of it.

    Carrying Cases

    There seems to be 3 types. The earliest with the two catches and the hinged compartment. The next are the most common with no inner compartment, a wire handle and a bit of a roller on the handle and a large greenish Aladdin decal. Lastly the very late models seem to have a different decal, being a red Aladdin, and a formed toolbox like handle.

    Lastly in an ad I saw single burner Aladdin stove that looked like it was in a frame. Not sure about these but I hope to find one.

    Iain Sedgman
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    Great write up! I have about 4 of these (I think), I’ll have to dig them out of the shed and see how they differ...
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    Very nice work, Iain! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    As I reorganise my shed/workshop I will dig out the boxes I have with Aladdin and Aladdin-like stoves and match them to your sequence.

    I have a box of used Aladdin parts, and another of NOS, so I’ll go through them as well.

    Thanks for the write-up.



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    Iain, Great work pulling all the references together and listing the sequence. :thumbup:

    The stove isn't mine but here are some photos I have of the LPG model.

    Aladdin LPG_1.jpg Aladdin LPG_4.jpg Aladdin LPG_3.jpg
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    Further to my initial post about the Aladdin Two Burner stoves I should mention a few other things.

    Type 2

    In my initial post under ‘Type 2” heading I said,

    The pump tube is set directly into the fount (see type 3) and does not have a large nut present which is the same as the more common type 3 and 4 Aladdin stoves (See below).

    The words ‘and 4’ should be removed.

    Type 5

    @Verblifa posted this ‘Type 5’ Aladdin in 2007 and it was beautifully restored.

    Aladdin 2 Burner

    Worth noting is the image of the Carrying Case which appears to have the old rectangular wire carry case handle rather than the more toolbox like carry case handle associated with other 'Type 5' stoves known.

    Type 6

    Thanks Martin for the photos of the LPG model.


    Various accessories came with the Aladdin Two Burner stoves; which and when, I’m not certain. This spanner, (USA = wrench), came with one of my stoves in a Carrying Case. The jaws are 7/16” and ¾” and fit the Aladdin regulating burner nuts.

    Aladdin Spanner.jpg

    Iain Sedgman
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    Iain, regarding the spanner. I agree it is Aladdin and I think there were originally two spanners per stove. As it needs two 3/4" spanners to reposition or tighten the burners.
    Recently I found two of these spanners tied together in an old toolbox.
    and in this post by @Matty it shows 2 spanners among the accessories. Aladdin suitcase stove

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    Thanks for the confirmation re the spanner. I note in the above mentioned post by @Matty that a jet remover is also shown and I have one of these but I wasn't certain about it, as it is far bigger than any other removal tools I have. I will now use the scale of the spanners in that photo to confirm the likelihood that mine matches the one in the photo. I had thought if fitted something on the Titanic. It did come with the spanner though.