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    My Cookie Stove


    My stove was probably made during the latter part of the 1960s based upon information from the original purchaser who bought it in Australia. Whilst the stove works, it does not work correctly since rust has opened some holes in the inside tube. I may be able to sleeve it and get the flames to come back out on the external holes.


    The original color of the tin was probably the same as the lid green. I was more interested at the time in preserving it than spending more money on paint. The tin has large ‘racetrack’ like slots around the lower section which is the same as most of the Handiware stoves. There are no instructions under my lid.

    Finally, the burner has at its base the following sage advice: ‘Do not refill when burner is alight’. The actual main tin also has the following, stamped around the tin in large letters: ‘Warning – Make sure flame is out before refilling’.

    20200701_091225.jpg 20200701_091256.jpg 20200701_091312.jpg

    Altona Holdings Ltd

    My stove, trademarked ‘Cookie’, is one of several metho burner models made in England, by Altona Holdings Limited of Switzerland. A location for manufacture has been mentioned as Liverpool on the stoves unbranded as ‘Picnic Stoves’. The company, however, was registered at 2 Chemin de Trois Rois, Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Other branded stoves from the company include those trademarked as ‘Handiware’ under Class 21 (Domestic hollow-ware; not of precious metal or coated therewith). Other trademarks the company held and listed as Class 21 may indicate the possibility of similar stoves, made under the trade names of Harvest Bright and Harvest Gold. Note also, that ‘Cookie’ was not only trademarked under Class 21 but also Class 11 (Picnic stoves).

    Trademark dates are as follows:

    Handiware™ (27 June 1952) Class 21 - Domestic hollow-ware; not of precious metal or coated therewith.

    Cookie™ (31 August 1962) Class 11 – Picnic stoves.

    Cookie™ (31 August 1962) Class 21 - Kitchen utensils included in Class 21, all being made of tinned metal.

    Harvest Bright™ (17 January 1979) Class 21 - Tinned ware included in Class 21.

    Harvest Gold™ (17 January 1979) Class 21 - Tinned ware included in Class 21, but not including cooking utensils.

    Related Stoves

    Basically, in this Altona Holdings family of stoves the burner is the distinguishing feature and appears the same in all.

    Two ‘Cookie’ models seem to be listed, mine which is more like most of the ‘Handiware’ stoves based on the pattern of holes and Wim’s (here) which is closer to the ‘Handiware Picnic Stove’ shown by Jeremy (here) based on the clips and lid supports.

    The unbranded ‘Picnic Stoves’ are actually made by Handiware and some have wire supports inside.

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    Altona Holdings Limited trademarks:

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    My compliments on a really well researched and compiled post, that ties a lot of loose ends. Expertly done.

    Well, well, a Swiss holding company. Sigg and Meta provided higher end products and Borde too, so Swiss companies were very much in the thick of things. I appreciate Altona weren’t manufacturers of course.

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    Thank you, Iain!



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    Thanks for the post, well researched, a shame about the holes being rusty, but a great shelf queen.