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    Jun 23, 2013

    Arara No.1 stove from the 1920s. A very standard 'No.1' design and hence rather different from the more well known Arara products offered in the 1930s.

    The most interesting details are firstly some apparently Sievert/Svea links. The filler cap is marked Svea and the legs sport the characteristic Svea foot pads. Are these features evidence that there may have been some collaboration with Sieverts when 'Arara' was getting off the ground in the early post-WW1 Weimar period? or non-original substitutions? In favour of originality is the absolutely uniform dark chocolate patina across the whole stove and the date congruence of the parts. On the other hand the Italian(?) 'Vampas' burner and pan ring almost surely cannot be original:

    1431771641-DSC02616_opt.jpg 1431771651-DSC02615_opt.jpg 1431771668-DSC02617_opt.jpg 1431771680-DSC02619_opt.jpg

    A second interesting feature is the stylised 'GK' logo. This would appear to indicate the manufacturer, with 'Arara' being the brand name. The 'GK' does not appear on later Araras, and there do seem to be questions about who actually produced 'Arara' stoves. This could be a significant clue, but there will be others who can comment on this with more authority:

    1431772092-DSC02608_opt.jpg 1431772103-DSC02613_opt.jpg 1431772120-DSC02610_opt.jpg 1431772135-DSC02609_opt.jpg 1431772162-DSC02625_opt.jpg 1431772150-DSC02624_opt.jpg

    Typically German use of non-standard thread forms is making sorting out of the otherwise unremarkable pump something of a pain. So for this 'action' shot the eagle-eyed will have spotted that a Primus pump rod has been temporarily substituted:

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    Hi Ian,
    great stove and beautiful copper colour.
    The ARARA company still is a great mystery. On almost all companies that excisted between 1900 and 1970 in Germany it is more or less easy to get information --- not so concerning the Arara! I don`t know why and who ever might have (had) interests in keeping it off public.
    What I know so far ( after a couple of years of research ) is that the AG ( stock company ) was founded in 1928. If there was a different constitution before 1928 I don`t know. Another phenomena is that nowhere on letterheads, ads, flyers there is a person mentioned that run this company?! very strange - especially according to German law impossible. The letters "GK" to me is also still unsolved.They appear on letterheads even around 1940 and on several - but not all - stoves.

    1431779354-Arara_letter_1935.jpg 1431779367-Arara_Terms_of_delievery.jpg

    It seems to be initials of a person - but who? or it just means " Gas Kocher - gas cooker", I don`t know.

    stove box with signet : the eagle having the "GK" initials in his mouth.

    If you compare the cookers sold by Arara you will see very close relation to Bartel`s line. Both companies where settled in Dresden area - amoung others.
    The OREMUS stoves where made by ARARA , same burners, same boxes. And they exported a lot to China and Far East region via Melchers.

    So a lot of unanswered questions and maybe we will find some more information with your presentation.
    Best regards, Peter
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    FYI a collaborative effort has made quick progress re Arara and GK logo content: cross reference here .
    please forgive me,
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