Buflam No.2. from 1950s?

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    Hi, Here are some photos of a very well-used Buflam No.2. It came in a modified "biscuit" tin, which has cut-outs to allow the stove to be operated within the tin.
    This provided a useful wind-shield, but was advised against in nearly every manufacturers instructions (presumably because of the dangers of tank over-heating).
    This particular stove has,at some time, been retro-fitted with a Primus-branded roarer burner:

    1236452079-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--1.jpg 1236452103-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--2.jpg 1236452129-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--3.jpg 1236452151-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--4.jpg 1236452173-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--5.jpg 1236452232-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--6.jpg 1236452261-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--7.jpg 1236452280-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--8.jpg 1236452391-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--10-jpg.jpg 1236452359-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--9.jpg 1236452414-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--11-jpg.jpg 1236452438-Buflam-No.2.-St.18--12-jpg.jpg

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