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Burmos 96

Discussion in 'Townson & Coxson' started by Admin, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Admin

    Admin Courtesy of Iani

    Aug 22, 2008
    Good quality material used in the construction, a much thicker brass used in the tank, surpasses many over-rated Primus 96's, just fails in its final assembly. Too much lead in certain areas.

    Nice little stove.

    1352216874-IMG_8502_opt.jpg 1352216899-IMG_8501_opt.jpg 1352216920-IMG_8503_opt.jpg 1352216966-IMG_8504_opt.jpg 1352216990-IMG_8505_opt.jpg 1352217032-IMG_8506_opt.jpg 1352217082-IMG_8526_opt.jpg 1352217110-IMG_8527_opt.jpg 1352217165-IMG_8514_opt.jpg 1352217204-IMG_8515_opt.jpg 1352217245-IMG_8516_opt.jpg 1352217280-IMG_8517_opt.jpg 1352217335-IMG_8511_opt.jpg 1352217369-IMG_8512_opt.jpg 1352217396-IMG_8513_opt.jpg 1352217441-IMG_8519_opt.jpg 1352217477-IMG_8535_opt.jpg 1352217505-IMG_8537_opt.jpg 1352217543-IMG_8530_opt.jpg 1352217579-IMG_8528_opt.jpg
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