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Burmos No 5 ?

Discussion in 'Townson & Coxson' started by Admin, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Admin

    Admin Courtesy of Iani

    Aug 22, 2008
    The stove has got virtually all its original gold paint intact. The leg closest to the filler cap, was detached, fortunately a nice clean break, and resoldered, very little damage to the paint.

    1378551384-IMG_2554_opt.jpg 1378551536-IMG_2525_opt.jpg 1378551483-IMG_2582_opt.jpg 1378551583-IMG_2581_opt.jpg 1378551628-IMG_2518_opt.jpg 1378551670-IMG_2519_opt.jpg 1378551701-IMG_2520_opt.jpg 1378551740-IMG_2521_opt.jpg 1378551811-IMG_2522_opt.jpg 1378551876-IMG_2514_opt.jpg 1378551923-IMG_2516_opt.jpg 1378551987-IMG_2517_opt.jpg 1378552064-IMG_2524_opt.jpg 1378552134-IMG_2557_opt.jpg 1378552186-IMG_2559_opt.jpg 1378552231-IMG_2560_opt.jpg 1378552280-IMG_2523_opt.jpg 1378552382-IMG_2612_opt.jpg
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