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Camping Gaz Rando 360

Discussion in 'France' started by Doc Mark, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Doc Mark

    Doc Mark United States Subscriber

    Dec 12, 2004
    Greetings, All,
    Many years ago, when this stove first came out, I was greatly enamored of it, and sought one out to purchase, right away! I thought, for day trips, and short overnight trips, it would be great, and indeed, it was! Here is the Camping Gaz Rando 360, and I'll post a few comments after the photos:







    Over the years it was offered, there were at least two different types of connectors on these little guys. Left version was the original type, and the right version is a later type.



    This photo is of the connection of an MSR Super Fly. "Hummmmm......", sez Ol' Doc, whilst scratching his grizzle chin in deep contemplation.


    And, this setup was created by two long-time stalwarts here at CCS, Chuck Wilkins, and Ian Marston, many years ago, and shared here. Ian very generously sent me the goodies to make a conversion of a Hank Roberts Mini Stove, but I've saved it, thinking it might also work on the Rando 360.


    As you can see, it's a very tiny system, and inside the small cook pot, you can carry the stove, two cartridges, the pot holder, matches, and instructions. I've used mine just as I originally intended, for day hikes, and short overnight trips, and it's worked fairly well. Light, easy to setup, and a great little cook pot. Of course, "little" is the optimum word, here, and if you have a really big appetite, this little guy is really too small to fill that bill. But, I could boil up a cup of tea, or soup, and pour that into my cup to enjoy, whilst my dehydrated dinner was cooking, and it was "enough", for me.

    Drawbacks? Yes, the cartridges really don't last very long. According to the specs, it will boil 1/2 liter of water in 5 1/2 minutes. A bit optimistic, in the real work of chilly weather, but not too bad. With one cartridge, this little guy weighs in at 650 grams, and that includes the lid and pot, which hold 0.3 liters, and 0.8 liters, respectively. In super high winds, the Rando 360 benefits from an additional windscreen, and I found that a cut-down bit of a heavy MSR aluminum windscreen worked just right, and could be added to the inside of the stove, when packing it up. But, all in all, it's not really a deep cold stove, and suffers when it gets icy and too snowy out there. I have used it whilst deer hunting, and properly sheltered, even in a few inches of snow, it worked fine, if a tad slower.

    All in all, it's a great little stove. BUT, the cartridges are "unobtainium" these days, unless you do as I did, and score a ton of them when they were discontinued! So, now owning two of these little Critters, I began thinking of ways to adapt the Rando 360 to use a modern, winter mix type of cartridge. The last two photos show two ways I thought about adapting it. I've gone no further, other than to "think" about it, however, and it's still something I would like to attempt, "one of these days"!!

    So, there you have it, Gentlemen and Ladie. If you have any questions about the Rando 360, or the cartridges, please give me a shout. Thanks for checking out this little system, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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