Campus No:2 ca.1934(?)

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    Oct 19, 2004
    Here are some photos of one of my Max Sievert Campus No:2.
    It is a great stove.

    When I got it the previous owner had repainted it black. The paint job is not good, but I have kept the paint as it was.
    My other Campus No:2 is also black, and that one looks to still have its original paint, so I believe that black was the original color.

    I am not sure of the dating, but think it is from 1934 or a few years later. My guess comes from something that looks like a date marking in the lower left hand corner of the instructions. This is shown on one of the photos.

    1238932480-Campus_2_01.jpg 1238932498-_MG_7591__Small_.JPG 1238932510-_MG_7592__Small_.JPG 1238932528-_MG_7593__Small_.JPG 1238932550-_MG_7596__Medium_.JPG 1238932573-_MG_7599__Small_.JPG 1238932591-_MG_7600__Small_.JPG 1238932607-_MG_7601__Small_.JPG 1238932630-_MG_7603__Small_.JPG 1238932660-_MG_7606__Small_.JPG 1238932676-_MG_7607__Small_.JPG 1238932694-_MG_7608__Small_.JPG 1238932703-_MG_7609__Small_.JPG 1238932713-_MG_7611__Small_.JPG 1238932723-Bruksanvisning.jpg 1238932732-Bruksanvisning_1.jpg 1238932745-DSC00860__Small_.JPG
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