Carbon felt, XRF analysis, probably no asbestos

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  1. richud

    Aug 6, 2017
    Quite a while ago I read about someone using carbon felt in their Optimus 111 spirit cup as a wick and it sounded like a good idea so I purchased some from China (via fleabay).
    However anything involving high temperature resistance and China, I am always mindful their love of using asbestos in everything.(like using it for string in those sky lanterns!).
    The felt was pretty fibrous and I cut it up outside as it made quite a lot of mess - it was good however, it definitely helped regulate it burning and now primes with quite a lot less meths.
    Still I wasn't entirely happy they hadn't just mixed together asbestos, carbon black and other bits to make something resembling carbon felt.
    Anyway I took some into work and someone kindly took some samples (small circular bits in plastic bag) and used a portable XRF on it.
    I thought the results may be of interest to anyone here who has wondered the same....

    Note , 'LE' in result table means, bottom, 'light element' , i.e. whats red highlight in periodic table below - which in this case is pretty much Carbon.



    So in conclusion she thought it probably was mostly carbon (~88%) and not asbestos.

    I tried to find any results of what 'known' carbon felt was composed of but couldn't - if any Chemists read this I would be interested to know what they think!
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    Oct 27, 2014
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    Thanks @richud for the information. I also use carbon felt and it's good to know it is what it is. :thumbup: