Coleman #1, their very first stove!!

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    Hey, Guys,

    Flivver sent me some photos of his great old Coleman #1, plus some other very cool stuff!! Here are the photos, and then I'll post what he had to say about it, verbatim. Have fun looking, and DROOLING over, these wonderful Old Timers!!! Thanks, Mike, for sharing them with all of us!! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,

    Here's Flivver's wonderful Coleman #1.

    1222958574-Coleman__1_over_view.jpg 1222958601-Coleman__1_air_valve.jpg 1222958622-Coleman__1_label.jpg

    And, check out this fantastic old part and repair kit!! OOooo, wouldn't you just LOVE to have this??!!!


    Here's what Flivver had to say about these wonderful old stoves:

    "the coleman #1 was introduced in 1923. the first version of the #1 had an air valve above the pump on the left side of the fuel tank(see air valve photo), after a very short time the air valve was removed and incorporated into the pump assembly. this later version was still labeled as #1 for a while, then the label changed to #1a ,so it is kind of confusing as early #1a's were labeled as #1's and the only way to tell the first version is to look for the air valve(these are vary rare), while the later non air valve #1's and #1a's are around if you turn over enough rocks. i would like this stove and my clayton&lambert model #3 circa late 1920's added to reference gallery. you may choose text from the above. there is info on the clayton&lambert posted on the stove forum. the photo of the lantern and lamp repair kit i stuck in for you not to post unless you wish. it dates from early 1920's."

    Thanks, again, Mike, as this Coleman #1 is very historically significant, and it's outstanding that you have shared it with us here at CCS!

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