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    Feb 23, 2008
    Coleman produced two flavors of "boat stove" of which I am aware. The 345 and the 348. The 345's burned kero whilst the 348's burned spirits. The stoves sported two complete burners/stoves in an aluminum surround with sea rails (also known as fiddle rails). Check the 348 post in the Coleman section to see what this looked like.

    I have a complete 348 that needs tons of work yet as it's a complete mess. However, I was able to obtain a single stove/burner from a 345 last year and found a few moments to completely rebuild the unit which was non-functional when it arrived.

    I was quite surprised to find that there are actually two stoves in this unit. The main stove sits atop the tank. But, inside that unit and fed directly from the center of the tank is a preheater unit that Coleman refers to as it's "hot blast" pre-heating burner. These pictures show the unit, and then it's operation to preheat the kero generator with it's heat-gathering plate.

    The 345 stove is shown next to a Canadian Coleman 500 marked 4/55 in the final shot for size comparisons. The 345 is definitely a larger unit.


    1270424168-IMGP2667.jpg 1270424177-IMGP2663.jpg 1270424185-IMGP2664.jpg 1270424195-IMGP2672.jpg 1270424204-IMGP2674.jpg 1270424212-IMGP2676.jpg 1270424221-IMGP2679.jpg
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    Dec 17, 2008
    Yo Gary,

    Wonderful stove - flame is as nice as I've seen on any kero stove :clap: :mrgreen: - super. And love the pre-heat system , way cool and your fount is sooo shiny :) :mrgreen:

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    Hi Gary a superb stove there and unique as most colemans are white gas fueled what i realy like about this beauty is the hot blast pre heater which is a realy good feature on a kero stove making primming quicker and easier and no need to carry any extra fuel(spirit) for primming.
    I am sorry to say i have no colemans in my collection at the moment many thanks for showing awonder full stove
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    Nice one Gary. I saw one of these going on ebay USA a couple of months ago - maybe this is the one? - but it went way too high for me, given the cost for postage to the UK.

    Terry Marsh's website features the kero and alcohol-burning versions (kero stove pictured) here, second stove down:-

    Coleman galley stoves

    Great to have the details revealed in your post, including that size comparison with the 500 Speedmaster. I'd no idea there was that pre-heater either, though wondered about the 'extra' control knob visible on the ebay listing pictures.

    It figures that Coleman would want to ensure that their kerosene-fuelled stove would use the on-board fuel to pre-heat and be as easy to light (almost!) as their white gas products. Brilliant!

    Thanks again, Gary.

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  5. techie

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    Here is another single burner unit from the Coleman 345 marine stove. I purchased this on eBay for $10, listed as "Stainless burner unit".


    Though it is unmistakably a Coleman, there is no Coleman branding on it. It is labeled "BURNER UNIT NO. 344"


    The patent listed on the stamping is for the preheating torch.

    Bernie's size comparison with a 500 is helpful, but I bet a lot more people own 502's. The 344 is a big stove.
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