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Coleman 4M (Canadian)

Discussion in 'Coleman No:4' started by mbechtel, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. mbechtel United States

    Oct 17, 2007
    One of Coleman's nicer small suitcases. The manifold is cast metal. Not iron, something lighter. The grate is removeable. The leg locking mechanism is very sturdy and well designed.
    The decal is made from a standard gummed paper. This example has survived amazingly. The decal placement on the outside of the case as well as the inside is original.

    1263845017-DSC00967_opt.jpg 1263844972-DSC00962_opt.jpg 1263844978-DSC00963_opt.jpg 1263844986-DSC00964_opt.jpg 1263844995-DSC00965_opt.jpg 1263845010-DSC00966_opt.jpg 1263845026-DSC00968_opt.jpg 1263845039-DSC00969_opt.jpg 1263845045-DSC00970_opt.jpg 1263845054-DSC00972_opt.jpg 1263845062-DSC00985_opt.jpg
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