Coleman 501A (June 1962)

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    Here is my Coleman 501A stove made in June 1962

    1290126532-100_1114_opt.jpg 1290126543-IMG_2385_opt.jpg 1290126553-100_1132_opt.jpg 1290126558-100_1131_opt.jpg

    The Coleman 501A was Coleman's first attempt at making the 501 design work. Coleman would soon scrap the 501A design and design and built the 502. The 501A came out sometime in June 1962 and was around for a few months.
    The 501A has a different control knob and valve, cleaning needle, base collar, and generator. The 501A has a spring controlled lighting lever built into the control valve. Coleman would also reword the stoves label on the tank.


    1290127070-100_1126_opt.jpg 1290127082-100_1128_opt.jpg

    The 501's lighting lever and control valve/cleaning needle.


    The 501A's control valve and cleaning lever.

    1290127424-IMG_2406_opt.jpg 1290127452-IMG_2407_opt.jpg 1290127461-IMG_2408_opt.jpg 1290127469-IMG_2409_opt.jpg

    The way the cleaning needle/lever works on the 501A is different. A screw/bolt spins the cleaning needle block in and out with turn to the lever. A simple and effective way to cleaning the jet.
    1290127812-IMG_2373_opt.jpg 1290127831-IMG_2371_opt__1_.jpg 1290127839-IMG_2368_opt.jpg

    The 501, 501A and 502

    1290127954-IMG_2377_opt.jpg 1290127967-IMG_2375_opt.jpg 1290127979-IMG_2376_opt.jpg


    The 501A is a little rarer than the 501. For the most part my 501A works very well. The knob and lever get hot but I am use to that thanks to the Svea 123.

    Coleman sure was busy that year.

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