Coleman 5427A701 3 burner propane

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  1. Johnathan Canada

    Jul 5, 2019
    Stony Plain, Alberta
    I finally found a stove I have wanted for quite sometime now. I already had the two burner version, but have been hunting for a three burner version. Well, I found it locally for $20! The box is basically falling apart, but the stove is in good shape. The previous owner had somehow broken the middle knob , but I was able to remove the remaining piece and swap one from another stove I have. I now just have to find a replacement knob and valve (I think is what it is called) for the other stove.

    Took it apart before I fired it up and cleaned it up with soap water and a bit of steel wool for the burner rings. Works good! Had to grab a hose/regulator from one of my other stoves as I think the o-ring needs to be replaced. Any idea of where I could find a replacement o-ring?

    The last two pictures are of my two burner and three burner side by side!

    20190901_130341.jpg 20190901_130344.jpg 20190901_130351.jpg 20190901_130354.jpg 20190901_130359.jpg 20190901_130408.jpg 20190901_130410.jpg 20190901_130413.jpg 20190901_130436.jpg 20190901_130439.jpg 20190901_130500.jpg 20190901_130508.jpg 20190901_130517.jpg 20190901_130521.jpg 20190901_130709.jpg 20190901_140333.jpg 20190901_140905.jpg 20190901_141958.jpg 20190901_151009.jpg 20190901_165352.jpg 20190901_165422.jpg