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Coleman Solus - British made

Discussion in 'Coleman Solus - all models' started by Archivist5, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Archivist5 Pre Launch Tester & Mod

    May 15, 2008
    Courtesy of Arne Aasgard

    An old Coleman Solus but unusually this one is made in England. The top of the tank is inscribed COLEMAN MADE IN ENGLAND & this is reaffirmed on the side of the tank along with "Paraffin Only" rather than the US "Kerosene" therefore most likely made primarily for the UK market. Unlike the US & Canadian versions this one does not have a lock-down pump & the filler-cap & pressure release is typically European. I reckon from its shape that this was made for Coleman by UK manufacturer Monitor. The release key is identical to those Monitor used on standard size stoves. Coleman & Monitor certainly had a connection as Coleman sold some of the Monitor range in Australia in the 1930's. Coleman also had their own plant in Birmingham that produced the usual Coleman products such as irons, lamps & stoves. Although marked as British Made, there is some debate as to whether they were manufactured or merely assembled from US made parts.

    1216323945-solus.jpg 1216323951-solus2.jpg 1216323959-solus3.jpg
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