Comet 100-1 Roarer Stove

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    Doing a spot of decorating this weekend, when I came across my Comet stove, which was bought from ebay a fair while back. The stove is a 1 3/4 pint collapsible model
    It arrived in its original, if battered, box
    There is no country of origin on it and the box says it is "with silent burner" (which it isn't). However, it was complete with spanner, filtered funnel, 3 legs, prickers a pot stand ring and a reserve cap - so truly portable!
    P1260903.JPG P1260902.JPG
    The prickers are marked "Gasoline" and "Pleasant".
    Story was that it belonged to the seller's father, who had lived and worked in India, before returning to England. The stove came back with him.
    It is very similar in appearance to an Optimus 45 or my Bahco Primus 100, although the gauge of the brass is thinner and it feels much more flimsy. Dry weight comparison, without pot stand plate, is Primus 857g, Optimus 871g, Comet 775g. Not the kind of thing you want to press down on too much - as the dents show! The embossed markings are quite good, though
    P1260897.JPG P1260896.JPG
    Gave it a quick clean today (which made it look worse) and couldn't resist taking it outside and firing it up! The flame ring and spirit cup are both steel and the pump knob is really thin. It preheated OK with the impromptu windshield and burned OK apart from a tiny weep around the tank to riser joint. Filler cap probably needs a new washer as well as pressure was not massively long lasting, but it boiled the kettle, eventually, with a reasonably clean flame for "tea for two" (well it is Valentine's day!)
    It'll be back in the box later and up on the top shelf again. No need to try it out again in a hurry!
    VERDICT: It was cheap, both in monetary as well as build quality terms! Nowhere near the quality of any of my others, but an interesting and fully complete stove kit for not a lot of brass, in any sense of the word!

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