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    Optimus produced this 1 pint stove using a vapourising tube. Whilst Primus produced a 1 pint 97 stove using 96 burner parts, Optimus used the 100 burner parts on this 200 stove. The 96s, 97s, 100s and 200s all have the same heat output because they have the same jet size. However by using the bigger burner head Optimus increased the flame spread so makes this a better stove for cooking than the 97s



    You will notice that the tank has patent on it the same as the 00s of the same period. The tank is an identical shape to the patent 00s but is fitted with different feet and burner connection

    I believe that the stove was sold as a roarer OR a silent stove. However this one had both the burner plate and silent damper when I sold it

    1236416322-200_roarer_fl_opt.jpg 1236416340-200_silent_fl_opt.jpg

    Optimus stoves are a pain to date but this stove had this tank lid on it.


    This type of burner lid was fitted to some Primus stoves from 1905 to about the middle 1910s. This stove probably dates from the 1910s or early 1920s

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