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    This may be an example of the earliest version of the Svea123. The stove and its pieces appear identical to the New Old Stock stove owned by Dutchmike, (see SVEA 123 New Old Stock ! ). Dutchmike’s box, however has four top flaps.

    Notes follow the photos. References are at the very end and include a link to my posting on fettling this stove.

    S-Svea top view.JPG
    1 .JPG 1.0.JPG 1.1.JPG
    1. Windshield has the vertical pin to hold the key, a feature of only the earliest 123 stoves.

    2. And the key chain is of a type consistent with the earliest models.
    3. The key is 2 inches and stamped "SIEVERT SWEDEN". [By 1959 the key was different.]

    3 .JPG 3.1.jpg
    S-Svea fuel cap3.JPG

    4. Fuel cap is “type 1” as identified by Exeter_Yak in his documentation of Svea 123’s. (Thank you for the drawing of fuel caps.) It was used between 1952 and 1958. It seems these stoves (but maybe not this one) were being sold as early as the summer of 1952 through Ski Hut in California - check out thread reference #5 at the bottom of this post.

    5. The riser, when threaded on the tank, stops with the valve pointing to the fuels stamping, to the right of the fuel cap. With later stoves the valve stops pointing to the number 1 on the tank on the left of the fuel cap.

    5.1.JPG 5.2.JPG
    6. The box that came with it has the single piece top lid and a stamp at the bottom that reads: 51155 IV 51. Some believe that this code may indicate the approximate date of manufacture. There were no instructions with this stove and box.

    6 .JPG 6.1.JPG

    7. The flame spreader, bell, windshield, stem (vaporizer), fuel tank and cup handle each have the stampings of a Sievert built Svea 123.

    S-Svea pot holders.JPG
    8. Two of the pot holders that came with this stove are obviously replacements, one was made from a nail. The third, with 4 notches, might be original - though the spacing of the notches is different than other examples. None have the beveling or groove at the base that show up by 1959.
    9. Sadly, the jet cleaner is missing.

    S-Svea flame3.JPG


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    - Darrel
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    Thank you, Darrel.