Falk Stadelmann 1½pt collapsible. Late 1940s/early '50s?

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    Here is a bit of a conundrum even by the standards of the veritable flock of Falk Stadelmann offerings. The sadly degraded transfer decal only says 'BRITISH MADE GUARANTEED ALL BRASS', whilst the stamped marking on the other side of the tank is a very standard 'PARAFFIN ONLY' mark found on many British made stoves of the 1940's and '50's.
    DSC08339.JPG DSC08340.JPG

    There is something reminiscent of Falk's Duo Burn badged stoves in the font used for the transfer decal, whilst the filler cap, which doubles as the pressure release, is the same as that found on the earlier versions of Falk's 'Veritas 9688' 1 pint stoves:
    DSC08342.JPG DSC08341.JPG

    The plain tin is similar to that shown on this example of ½pt Falk picnic stove, but is obviously larger, is unhinged and has no labels to aid more precise identification.

    The full size one-piece burner at first glance might be mistaken for one of the 1930s Primus discus stove taper threaded one-piece burners, but on closer inspection it is bizarrely unique:
    DSC08346.JPG DSC08347.JPG

    The spirit priming ring is spigotted to sleeve on to the base of the burner:
    DSC08348.JPG DSC08349.JPG DSC08350.JPG

    So overall a very odd offering indeed, basically like a Veritas 9688 on steroids! (Or a British rival to the Ralpha:-&).

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    Hi Ian, the combined filler cap/air release looks very familiar and from the Falks Stadelmann stable



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