Fill your own coffee bags

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    Now available on the Speedster Stoves website.
    Fill your own coffee bags - speedsterstoves

    Enjoy a proper mug of coffee on your travels. A huge improvement over prefilled coffee bags.
    You can get up to 22g of ground cofffee in each bag, meaning you can tailor your brew to your own tastes.

    IMG_20190913_202225.jpg IMG_20190913_202832.jpg
    IMG_20190913_203241.jpg IMG_20190914_191153.jpg IMG_20190914_192024.jpg IMG_20190914_192652.jpg

    Bags have a "money bag" closure, which you can then heat seal (preferred option) or staple to seal.
    Heat sealing options include a proper bag sealer, iron, heated skewer/knife edge, hair straighteners etc.
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