Fire Kokeapparat

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    Aug 11, 2014
    First SRG-post presenting a stove I have not seen many of - I know only of 2 others and an empty box.

    The box shows a lot of different usage scenarios.
    IMG_1354.JPG IMG_1355.JPG IMG_1356.JPG IMG_1357.JPG IMG_1358.JPG

    Opening the box


    The Fire Kokeapparat was made 1947-?? (Patent 745-1947), and boasts to be a multifuel stove (Petrol, alcohol and kerosene). It is also capable of transforming into a skiwax-burner (Turning the potrests 180 degrees and using them as handles).


    The revolving cover is used to regulate the flame, exposing 1, 2 or all 3 rows of holes. It is also used to extinguish the stove by covering all holes.
    IMG_1367.JPG IMG_1365.JPG IMG_1361.JPG
    The Fire Kokeapparat is rather small, the dimensions of the box is 60mm x 60mm x 100mm. The total weight of stove with no fuel and box is 194g/224g. The instructions claim that 1 litre in an aluminum kettle can be brought to a boil in 15 minutes.

    The stove is made entirely from pressed stainless steel, spot welded in only 2 places on the main cylinder. One of the end pieces can be removed to enable fueling. The inside is filled with cotton fibres - looks like the type used in e.g. auto repair shops many years ago. Google translate suggested "Cleaning wool"??? I don't know if that is the correct english word for it.

    IMG_1366.JPG IMG_1362.JPG IMG_1363.JPG

    The original, pink operating instructions is lost, but I have reconstructed the text using photos of the two other complete stoves. Those photos were rather bad, but the information (with the possible exception of two words) should be correct. The layout of the Norwegian version is correct. The operating instructions was made to fit inside the box without folding.

    Fire kokeapparat Norsk.jpg Fire Kokeapparat English.jpg

    I am not 100% sure of the manufacturer, as I have not been able to make it out in a decisive way. It is "guessed" it to be "Kagems".

    I have not been able to find any other information about the stove or the manufacturer.

    No flame shots, this is unfired and will remain in that state for the time being.
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    Jan 30, 2010
    My mother youngest brother gave me such a meth stove a few years back. I'm not impressed by its performance.
    Both Trangia and Red Speedster burner are better.I would not try to use petrol in such a stove.
    Here are a few photos of mine burning meths.
    brgds bjørn

    IMG_0618.JPG IMG_0620.JPG IMG_0617.JPG
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    Aug 11, 2014
    Now I know of 4 stoves...

    Thanks for posting the flame shots :content:
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    Thanks for posting @janders and @boknasild.

    Instructions distinctly say it's gasoline-fuelled but I agree, Boknasild, it would take a brave/foolhardy person to use it - particularly by rotating the sleeve to attempt to extinguish it!

    Quirky item, but good to see. Thank you.