Garrison Tea Kettle kit.

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    Greetings, All,

    Some time back, with a great head's up from @snwcmpr , I scored a great little tea kettle set, made in Great Britain, and labelled "Garrison". The seller, who was in the UK, did not have the proper Garrison burner, but I was tickled to get the kit, mainly for the excellent tea kettle! Ken, generous friend that he is, later sent me a Sirram Atmospheric burner, which works wonderfully in the Garrison kit! Thanks, Ken, on both counts!

    As things have turned out, it seems there is a connection between Garrison, and Sirram! More on that later... Sorry the stump on which I took these photos is not flat. In any case, here's my kit:


    The tin is in very good condition. Here's a shot of the kit inside the tin.


    And, more....






    Take a close look at the stamp, "Patent Applied For". This, and more information, which will follow, allows me to date this kit quite solidly!





    Many thanks, Brother Ken, for your gift of this great "Sirram Atmospheric" burner! It works a treat in this kit!



    Here is the Meths tin. Neat design, and very well made.



    Too bad the bottom has some small holes in it. I guess I could get the rust out, repair the holes, and then re-tin the inside of the container. I'll give it some thought, later.



    Now, remember how I wrote, earlier, that there was info that would help me date this kit? Check this out:


    More on this, in a short time! First, let's get back to the tin box, OK?!

    Here is a shot of the sliding catch, locked.


    And, unlocked.


    What??!!??!! You say you want to see some flame shots?? ;) :lol: :lol: OK, OK... here you go!


    I should have taken a tripod outside, for these flame shots. Hand-holding the camera did not render, exactly, what I was hoping for, once the kettle was put into place.


    So, I took the whole thing inside the house, fired it up again, and got this one, which is better.


    Much better, and a good lesson learned. Next time, I'll remember to take my tripod, when shooting night time flame shots outside!

    OK, back to the Patent number. A little online time, and I found solid dating information for that Patent. The Patent was applied for on September 3, 1921. It was accepted and Patent issued on March 9, 1922 Since the put supports are marked, "Patent Applied For", but the windscreen is already engraved with the Patent number, I'm guessing my kit dates to just after the Patent was issued, and crawling out on a slender limb, I'd say around 1922.

    And, here's the connection between Garrison, on which I found the Patent number, and Sirram: Guess who owned that Patent? Check this out:


    Application Date: 8ept. 3, 1921. No. 23,449/21.

    Complete Accepted: Mar. 9, 7922.


    176,291 Improvements in or relating to Portable Stands for Boiling Sets.

    I, GEORGE SUFFIELD MARRIS, of 16, Cumberland Street, Birmingham, a British subject, do hereby declare the nature of this invention and in what 6 manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement.---

    This invention relates to portable stands for holding and supporting kettles 0 and other utensils of boiling sets or other culinary purposes and relates to an improved device whereby such vessels are held above the flame of the lamp for boiling water or other purposes. As ordinarily in use, the stand is a hollow cylindrical body to house a small spirit stove and is furnished with three wire rests turning about a vertical axis in the side of the stand so as to project inward over 29 the interior of the stand to serve as supports for the kettle or other utensil or to turn outward in alignment with the rim when they are not required for use and at the same time to allow the utensil to ^m be packed in the stand. Difficulties occur in connection with the arrangement owing to the adjustment and their liability to inadvertently move out of position and cause the kettle or the like to tilt or become displaced from the stand. The object attained in the present invention is that the rests are more serviceable and less liable to get out of position.

    3; According to this invention, to the rim of the stand are hinged in tumbler fashion a number of substantially T shaped rests or brackets turning about a horizontal axis. These rests or brackets may be made from sheet metal or wire, the tail part of the T piece forming a ledge for the kettle when the rests or brackets are turned inwards, with one cross member of the T piece abutting [Price 1/against the inside walls of the stand and 45 acting. as a stop while the other cross member thereof serves as an outer shoulder to retain the kettle on the stand.

    These cross members may be shortened so that they only appear as bent ends of the 50 tail piece.

    Alternatively, the rests or brackets may be in the form of angle or L pieces wherein one side provides the actual rests for the kettle and the other side provides 'arm the said outer shoulder. In this case the rests or brackets may be stop-jointed on the rim of the stand instead of having a depending stop member.

    Or again, the rests or brackets may G0 have the joints serving as the outer shoulder to retain the kettle thereon with or without depending piece as a stop.

    In order that the invention may be more readily understood, reference is 65 directed to the following particular description and the accompanying drawings throughout which like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

    Fig. 1 represents a perspective view 0 of a stand (l with the nests or brackets supporting a kettle which is shown for convenience in dotted lines.

    Fig. 2 is an elevation of the stand with the rests or brackets turned outward and, 5 the kettle telescoped into the stand.

    Fig. 3 represents a rest or bracket separately.

    Fig. 4 shews a modified form of rest or bracket and 80 Fig. 5 a further modification.

    Referring to Figs. 1 to 3, the kettle 1 is supported on the rests or brackets 2 which are made from sheet metal bent into the shape substantially of a T having 8; the inward wing J folded over itself and jointed to the wire of the rim 7a and from the wing 3 the rest or bracket is i 17cl,291 Folded at right angles to form the tail or stein 5 and then bent at right angles to form a wing 6 which may serve as a thumb piece or means for retaining the utensil on the stand as hereafter described. The hinge joint 4 may be made by the return of tie metal at the end of the ring 3 and thereby embracing the wire of the rim ia. The inward wing 1) 3 constitutes an abutment or stop against the inner walls of the stand 7 and maintains the rest or bracket 2 in its upright position for supporting the utensil as shown in Fig. 1 wherein the tail or stem 1l5 5 extends inwardly over the said stand.

    The wing piece 6 serves as a means for tipping the rests over the rim of the stand. When tipped to the outside of the latter as shown in Fig. 2, the kettle 1 can be telescoped into the stand for the purpose of packing.

    In the form shown in Fig. 4, the rest or bracket is formed without the lower abutting stop member or wing and simply 2,5 comprises the member 5' serving as the actual rest and the member 6' for retaining the kettle on the stand.

    In the form shown in Fig. 5, the rest proper 5b has the hinge joint part 4b con3') substituting the retainer for the kettle and has its folded underside bent at the end 3b to constitute the abutment or stop to bear against the inner wall of the stand.

    The stand may be of any suitable shape to hold an oval, square, or other pattern of kettle.

    Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my> said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I 40

    Yes, Marris owned that Patent!! Cool, huh?!!

    Here are the drawings that accompanies the Patent application:

    24-Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 5.59.00 PM.jpg

    So, there you have it, Fellow Stovies! Thanks for checking out my Garrison Tea Kettle kit, and for reading what I've written about it. For those who want to see the actual Patent info, you can click this link, then scroll through the 3 original pages. Patent 176291

    Your comments, suggestions, or further information, will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, again, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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    @Doc Mark Excellently researched and compiled Mark. A link HERE to a post you made in the Lounge may be useful.

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    Well done indeed... Love this sort of history,,, and this is a wonderful piece of it...
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    the 'Nois man.
    Nice Doc!
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    Bravo my friend.
    I am glad you got it and enjoy it so much.
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    I might have to start drinking tea..... Very nice kit. Jerry
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    Good Morning, All,

    Thank you, very much, for your kind comments on this excellent kit. John (@presscall ), thanks for linking that old forum thread, which goes back to when I first won the kit from a UK seller! I knew that it existed, but since it's in the Lounge, could not find it reliably again. Now, I know just where to find it, thanks to your link here!! And, thanks for all that you contributed to that thread, John. Your insight, and information is always much appreciated!

    I do love the kits that include tea kettles, and this Garrison kit is top of the line, for me, due to it's history, and it's "cool-ness" factor. I will always take pleasure in using it, and as mentioned above, it's a fairly fast boiler, for a Meths stove. Must be the excellent design. Thanks, again, Guys, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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    Doc, this is an excellent post and what a lovely kettle kit. :thumbup:
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    Many thanks, @ROBBO55 ,

    You are right, it is a very lovely kettle, and works a treat! Thank you, Good Sir, for your very kind words! Much appreciated!