Gloria Portable Stove 388

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  1. Sedgman

    Dec 1, 2014
    This is the Gloria Portable Stove Model 388 and advertisements are available from around late 1938 and Tony Press has shown some here:

    The stove was manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by the Gloria Light Co. Pty. Ltd. Perhaps the model is based on August 1938 and the ‘new’ Gloria 379 lantern mentioned below may have been similarly numbered, but that's just a thought and pure speculation. The stove was advertised mainly from about 1938 for a year or two.

    I probably won’t fire it up as the stove was in generally good nick. I mainly have just repainted the outside of the lid which was black and should be dark green. I used the Australian Export Brand cheaper paint in ‘Brunswick Green’, which was a close enough match for my liking and straight out of the can.


    Gloria 388 Portable Stove (Open).jpg
    Gloria Portable Stove Model 388

    Note: In all of the advertisements the outside grill bars point inwards. In this and the other photos of this model elsewhere on CCS, they are bent slightly outwards. I am of the view mine have not been tampered with.

    Gloria 388 Portable Stove (Closed).jpg

    The legs folded and the case closed; your honour.

    Gloria 388 Decal - on Case.jpg

    Really was manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

    Gloria 388 Fuel System.jpg

    The fuel system.

    Gloria 388 Decal on Fount.jpg
    The fount decal (We also call them a transfer in Australia!)

    Gloria 388 Burner (R).jpg

    The right side burner is rather interesting.

    Here is some more information about the stove.


    NEW PORTABLE STOVE FOR CAMPERS, MOTORISTS AND OUTDOOR WORKERS (1938, December 19). Border Morning Mail (Albury, NSW : 1938 - 1943), p. 4. Retrieved October 14, 2019, from NEW PORTABLE STOVE FOR CAMPERS, MOTORISTS AND OUTDOOR WORKERS - Border Morning Mail (Albury, NSW : 1938 - 1943) - 19 Dec 1938

    The "Gloria'* portable stove is built to give safety, economy and quick heating. It is designed for use in the caravan, the camp, the station hut and on picnics and outings. The manufacturers announce that it incorporates outstanding mechanical features The two burners, reservoir and generator sections are constructed as a single unit, facilitating use, if desired, sway from the case. Fitted with a selfpricking generator employing a tapering steel needle, the "Gloria" portable stove enable; full flame regulation from a mere glimmer to a strong blue flame of exceptional heat. It is fool-proof and handy weighing only 14 lbs. and is finished in dark green. The "Gloria" portable stove, as well as the "Gloria pumpless air gas iron and '"Gloria" 379 hurricane lantern, are distributed by the Gloria Light Company. 360 Post Office Place. Melbourne, who also distribute the Briggs and Stratton power charger and "Wincharger," the last two lines being instrumental in electrifying the radio of country homes no matter where they may be.

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    Oct 27, 2014
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    It's in excellent condition Iain . Congratulations.
    Good detailed post, thanks :thumbup::thumbup:
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    The stickers are so intact, a real treat, great stove.
    Well done.

  4. Tony Press

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    Excellent, Iain! The transfers are in superb condition.

    It’s far better than the rustbucket I have.

    Thank you.