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Here's a nice 442 I owned years ago

Discussion in 'Coleman No:442' started by Spokane Dave, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Spokane Dave United States

    Mar 21, 2009
    I have decided to dig up all my old pictures of Colemans present and past to share on here. This old girl is in impeccable condition. It was however converted to propane.

    1238014020-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_17.jpg 1238014014-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_10.jpg 1238014010-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_11.jpg 1238014007-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_12.jpg 1238014003-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_13.jpg 1238013999-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_14.jpg 1238013995-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_15.jpg 1238013991-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_16.jpg 1238013984-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_18.jpg 1238013972-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_19.jpg 1238013968-Coleman_diamond_logo_Stove_17.jpg
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