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  1. Blue Flame

    Sep 23, 2011

    Hipolito No 0

    I bought this stove from The Bay of Evil a couple of months ago. I bought it to add to my collection of ½ & 1 pint boxed stoves. Got it for a lot less than I was expecting.
    The listing picture on Ebay was as follows.


    Been sitting in my garage for a few weeks waiting until I had time to check it over and fettle it back to full health

    1331755801-In_The_Box_opt.jpg 1331755814-Contents_opt.jpg

    The box was in great condition. The quality of the graphics that Hipolito used were really good and depicted life I guess from 50’s. The car depicted would indicate around about this time.

    1331756008-Box_Top_opt.jpg 1331756020-Box_Front_opt.jpg 1331756030-Box_Rear_opt.jpg 1331756038-Box_End_opt.jpg

    So first job was to fire up the stove and check out what was needed. Well it fired up fine but then noticed vapour leaking from below the spirit cup. Looked like a HR washer failure. As the heat increased the vapour ignited. Definitely a replacement of the HR washers.

    |imgRemoved|'thumb' 1331756313-HR_Leak__2__opt.jpg 1331756332-HR_Leak__3__opt.jpg https://classiccampstoves.com/fusion/gallery/4427/thumb_1331756267-Flame_opt.jpg[/img]

    So stripped the stove down and started to carry out a full fettle.The HR washers were clearly finished. As from these years of manufacture, there could be asbestos content, the washers were soaked in water before removing, tying in poly bags before disposal.


    Both the burner and riser tube have a machined groove on the mating faces to allow the washers to crush down into them to make a gas tight seal. These need to be cleaned out of old baked on washer remains prior to fitting new washers.

    1331756381-Burner_Groove_opt.jpg 1331756396-Riser_Tube_Groove_opt.jpg

    New HR washers were placed either side of the spirit cup and hand tightened

    1331756480-HR_Wahers_1_opt.jpg 1331756492-HR_Washer_2_opt.jpg 1331756580-Ready_Minus_Jet_opt.jpg

    Continued below
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  2. Blue Flame

    Sep 23, 2011
    The lead washer was quite grooved so this was also replaced. The old lead washer was removed. The following pics show the sequence of replacement. The 3rd & 4th pictures shows the washer after locating in the burner tube and then after being gently (hand tighten) onto the font.

    1331758949-Lead_Washer_Recess_opt.jpg 1331758964-Lead_Washer_opt.jpg 1331758983-Lead_Washer_Fitted_opt.jpg 1331758995-Lead_Washer_Pressed__2__opt.jpg

    The pump leather was also replaced – sorry did not remember to take pictures. I did not replace the NRV pip as it was working fine and a subsequent replacement is easy to do without marking a fully polished stove.

    So time to fill up and fire up. I have used 4 pictures. This demonstrates why if possible it’s better to take flame shots in as dark conditions as possible. 1st pic is taken, no flash but workshop lights full on


    Then with most lights turned out. Flame is now becoming more visible


    And finally with all lights turned out.


    Because the camera will adjust to give a long exposure, hand holding is not really an option/ The previous 3 pictures were all taken on a tripod from exactly the same position. The next photo was taken to demonstrate hand held and the camera shake makes for a fuzzy picture.


    So a successful fettle of a wonderful stove. In my view Hipolito are underrated. The quality of engineering is really good and the attention to finish is as good as the best Swedish stove makers. The engraving is first class as the following pictures demonstrate.

    1331759317-Hipolito_opt.jpg 1331759349-Fogao_opt.jpg 1331759368-No_0_opt.jpg 1331759380-Portugese_opt.jpg 1331759392-Sea_Horse_opt.jpg 1331759467-Burner__2_.JPG

    Unusually for a 1 pint boxed stove, The Hipolito 0 comes with a trived which also packs into the box and is ideal for use with smaller diameter pots

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  3. Viscara

    Jul 8, 2011
    Originally Silicon Valley now in Netherlands.
    Outstanding Job there. The photo sequence and breakdown was very helpful. The photos helped a new guy like me to learn how to fettle with this kind of stove and repair it.
  4. mr optimus

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Very nice restoration indeed. I really like the Hipolito brand stoves. They are a very good quality stove and their boxes have really nice graphics and their tanks are beautifully lettered and they are great performers.
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    Hi Graham, Very nicely presented Hipolito No.0. A stove outfit which like you I rate highly.

    I think that the graphics design on the tin was "retro" when it was produced, although as you say it looks to be 1950 scene.

    Ross reckons these stoves were offered in the UK by Bellstaff in their 1968 catalogue. then in 1972 Meyer became the UK distributor for Hipolito after they dropped the Svea brand.

    I believe that Hipolito stoves were available in the UK up to the 1990s and the factory finally closed in 1999.

    Best Regards,