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    Oct 28, 2005
    I have found out from catalogues that this stove must be a No. 200. If it is one with extension P is hard to say, I don't know what it means.

    This one is painted in a silver nuance but the steel frame has some kind of yellow chrome treatment.
    Originally there must have been only a rim around the pan supports that not was painted. But during the years parts of the painting has been scrathed off, it is not fixed properly because of the substrate.
    This stove must have been fettled before. When I recieved it all screws were replace by long insex bolts that definitively not are from the same age as the stove. Now replaced by others with panheads, matching much better.

    One of the loop flat rods holding the tanks was replaced and didn't look right. I have made a replica looking the same as the originals. Some additional holes have been drilled in the frame, don't know why, but there is nothing to do, just let them be there.

    As often, flame spreaders are missing. If anyone knows what the original looks like I would be glad for a hint.