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    Aug 27, 2012
    A further nice user in Optimus 00 size, the Juwel 21. The age is unknown, maybe from the 30ties?

    The tin and also the legs and the windscreen has been quite rusty. I brushed away the loose rust and treated it with fertan, which results in the deep black colour. After that I oiled it with linseed oil.

    The rust from the legs and the windscreen was removed with citric acid, after that I black-finished it with linseed oil. Also the tool was treated the same.

    The flame spreader is made from iron, originally it was presumably plated with brass. The tin contained two strips an unknown material. Maybe asbestos for making new seals?

    I cleaned the inner and outer of the tank with aceton, changed the seals, renewed the pump leather and heat&quenched the burner. The jet is the original one. It burns quite well!

    Ciao, Bastian

    Juwel_21_000.jpg Juwel_21_001.jpg Juwel_21_002.jpg
    Juwel_21_003.jpg Juwel_21_004.jpg Juwel_21_006.jpg

    Juwel_21_007.jpg Juwel_21_008.jpg Juwel_21_011.jpg

    Juwel_21_012.jpg Juwel_21_013.jpg Juwel_21_016.jpg Juwel_21_017.jpg Juwel_21_014.jpg Juwel_21_015.jpg Juwel_21_018.jpg Juwel_21_019.jpg ^ Juwel_21_020.jpg Juwel_21_021.jpg Juwel_21_022.jpg Juwel_21_024.jpg Juwel_21_025.jpg Juwel_21_026.jpg

    Juwel_21_029.jpg Juwel_21_030.jpg Juwel_21_n004.jpg

    Compared to Optimus 00 and Phoebus 30

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    @Sternenlicht the Juwel stoves are really good quality one of my favourite makes, your 21 is a beauty!
    By the way I agree with your approximate date.
    Cheers Nick