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    Oct 28, 2005
    Yesterday, the first outdoor market this year took place in th neighbourhood. This means it is spring and time for stove-hunting. No big find though, except this, what I believe, India stove. Probably not very valuable but a new brand for me. I have been google at the name but all I find is diamonds and condoms :whistle:

    I would decribe it as an ordinary stove, a bit bigger than a #5. The details are not very well done so it is probably a budget model from the 60:s or so. Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has heard of this brand.


    1398601885-CIMG7865.JPG 1398601907-CIMG7867.JPG 1398601918-CIMG7868.JPG 1398601927-CIMG7869.JPG 1398601938-CIMG7870.JPG 1398601949-CIMG7871.JPG 1398601995-CIMG7872.JPG 1398602004-CIMG7866.JPG
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