Landers, Frary & Clark Universal Alcohol Stove No. 0

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    LFC No.0 b.jpg
    The Landers, Frary and Clark No.1 and '0' stoves are both very similar to each other and very distinctive in design. This may not be the prettiest example of this type of stove given the sad state of the base plating, chrome or nickel?, but there are 2 points worth highlighting for comparison with the other gallery examples. One is the side lifting handle visible above, the other is an additional patent mark on the base for sale in Britain. Oddly the British design registration is dated 2 months earlier than the US patent:
    LFC No.0 a.jpg LFC No.0 c.jpg DSC08332.JPG

    The flame colour and pattern are delightful, but need a little care in setting up. There is one flame jet outlet which is significantly larger than all of the others, and it seems that this outlet needs to be set at the open end of the draft shield shroud to achieve the most even flame:
    DSC08326.JPG DSC08328.JPG DSC08329.JPG DSC08330.JPG

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    Delightful stove, which is the best description for alcohol burners.