Late Optimus 99

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    1300045849-99_stove_opt.jpg 1300045880-99_cook_opt.jpg 1300045903-99_flame_opt.jpg 1300045923-99_part_pack_opt.jpg 1300045944-99_case_opt.jpg

    Later 99s used the 8R's steel heat shield instead of the earlier aluminium heat shields. This is fitted with the steel windshield.

    I do not know definitely when the change occurred but it is possible that it happened after Optimus sold their factory in 1983. The change saved having to make aluminium windshields so reduced production costs.

    The windshield, pan lifter and strap are not original

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  2. mbechtel

    Oct 17, 2007
    I liked the switch to the steel windshield. On the earlier version, the key often was a bugger to wrestle out from under the aluminum heat shield..and it always seemed to wander in there. Sometimes it's like trying to solve a Rubik's cube to get the thing back out.