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Discussion in 'RM MFG & Engineering Co Ltd' started by kaw550red, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. kaw550red

    kaw550red United Kingdom RIP

    Aug 22, 2004
    Durham NE England

    During the impressed tank period and the plain tank period following that period RM and Veritas tanks and tank lids appear to have been made in the RM factory as the Veritas tank lids are identical to the RM tank lids. Thermidor tanks and tank lids appear to have been made in the Thermidor factory as Thermidor tank lids do not appear to have been fitted to the other two brands of stove. All other parts were common to the other brands so each factory could have made some parts and then swopped them so that the stoves could have been completed

    At the end of the stove production run the manufacture of the stoves seems to have completely shifted to the Thermidor factory. Stoves were completed and lacquered without any transfers. When an order came for any brand the appropriate transfer was attached to the tank and the order shipped. There are definitely stoves with the transfer on top of the lacquer and there is no other logical reason why the tanks were lacquered prior to fixing the transfers. Doing that meant that the transfers were very prone to damage by water. Thermidor tank lids were fitted to most of the stoves.

    This stove has the remains of the RM transfer on it but is fitted with a Thermidor tank lid so provided that the tank lid is not a replacement it must have been amongst the last made.

    1260798531-RM_ass_opt.jpg 1260798546-RM_flame_opt.jpg 1260798563-RM_dismant_opt.jpg

    This now completes the sequence of this model in the RM brand

    The sequence of the Thermidor and Veritas models is identical

    Veritas had a 1 pint model that proceeded this model but I have not seen an RM or Thermidor brand version of that model


    Regards Bryan
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