Lilor oven Nr 475

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    Oct 28, 2005
    I didn't know Lilor ever made ovens but obviously the did. Don't know if this is the one and only or if other models were made.
    It is a big one, compare with the Lilor stove it is standing on and the poster of the stove behind.
    It is made of steel sheet and has been polished, has probably not have this finish all the time.
    Inside we find two plates with ventilator slots.
    Also the top has a ventilator that is able to regulate the air flow via a control on the top front. I guess this one also had a porcelain knob once.
    The thermometer, that might have been an option from what I can read from the catalogue copy, is made in the USA but in Celsius degrees, not Fahrenheit.
    Don't know anything about the manufacturing year, maybe the catalogue sheet will give a hint.


    DSC_0015_77.JPG DSC_0016_51.JPG DSC_0017_33.JPG DSC_0018_27.JPG DSC_0019_19.JPG DSC_0020_16.JPG DSC_0021_10.JPG DSC_0023_6.JPG img129.jpg