Lux-Köket - 1A (c.1904-10)

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    In my opinion a nice looking stove despite having a far from original burner set-up. The Lux-Köket No.1 was available earlier than 1904 but as this has the an additional 'A' added to the '1', after the main tank pressing had been made, I am assuming that this example must be from late in the model's production life. The production life of this model can be said to have ended no later than 1911 on the basis of currently available documentary evidence, but it most likely ended a little earlier, in the aftermath of the 1906 Primus v. Optimus court case where Primus won its case that its patent covered almost all internal NRVs.

    One very difficult to photograph original fitment worthy of mention is the NRV. This is a type with a slotted head for extraction. Thankfully I have not had to risk taking the NRV out:content:.

    DSC08588.JPG DSC08590.JPG DSC08591.JPG DSC08592.JPG DSC08593.JPG DSC08599.JPG DSC08595.JPG

    This stove has undergone some modification to enable a standard Primus burner to have been fitted in place of the original iconic Lux burner. The method of conversion, whenever it was done, has left a legacy of some fragility with the tank/riser and riser boss/upstand joints. Nevertheless after only a little remedial action so far the signs are good that it can be a useful user stove:


    Many thanks to @optipri who made it possible to add this stove to a collection which includes 2 which some might say really ought not to exist! (here & here)
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    Beautiful Lux with embossed texts! :thumbup:

    Few gays ago I 're-discovered' my Lux No. 1 from my storage. Maybe I need to fire her up since it looked to be in 'ready for use' condition.