Lux No.16 c.1912/13(?)

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    s-l1600 (1).jpg

    An additional reference example of a Lux model No.16 for contrast and comparison with the few already posted. The ridiculous 'burner' mock-up seen above is now replaced, temporarily at least, by a 1930s date standard Primus roarer. The 'new' Primus burner can be glimpsed in one of the photos below, but the picture above certainly highlights some of the indignities that can be inflicted on a stove long out of active use:roll:.

    More to the point of this posting though, certain original details of the stove, in particular the filler cap and the type of font used on the pressure release screw, seem to suggest that this stove dates from a little earlier than that posted by @abbahco1 here.

    DSC06345.JPG DSC06346.JPG DSC06347.JPG DSC06348.JPG DSC06349.JPG DSC06348.JPG DSC06349.JPG DSC06350.JPG DSC06351.JPG

    The tank base also provides an additional instance of another puzzling feature, the lack of any provenance marking. This is not uncommon on some Lux and pre-WW1 Svea stoves. The question is why was this done, or rather, not done. Were the stoves that were not provenance marked on the base intended only for domestic sale in Sweden? or is there some other explanation?

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    Another nice stove!

    Was that burner (top photo) in any way functional?