Meva No.1 silent. 1961.

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    Jun 23, 2013
    Meva No.1 silent burner stove with what appears to be an original burner. Date coded on base '261' indicating manufacture during the 2nd quarter of 1961. Came with only 1 leg, but making 2 copy legs was not difficult. The main point of interest to me, however, were the pressure release screw and filler cap, of which more later.

    DSC08806.JPG DSC08805.JPG DSC08810.JPG DSC08809.JPG DSC08811.JPG DSC08809 (2).JPG DSC08808.JPG DSC08813.JPG

    This is my first encounter with a Meva No.1 in the flesh and it is the filler and air screw that caught my attention. A very tiny air screw finger pad and an odd filler cap. There is only one other time I had seen these 2 parts in such unusual sizes, and it was on one of the variants of the Italian Ansam Wolf discussed in this post. Could it be that there had once been some linkage between Pragus/Meva and the production of the stoves which were marketed in Italy under the Ansam Wolf name?