Montgomery Ward The LakeSide - 1920s

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Here's a Montgomery Ward The LakeSize stove that was made by Prentiss Wabers. It sports the same burners and tank as the Prentiss Wabers No. 3 that I'll post in a bit. I would put this stove at early 1920s.


    No pump or original filler cap, but there are some interesting features, like the case. The case is nothing like any of the Prentiss Wabers proper products. The lid comes completely off or slides on to slots to cap off the case and burners. There are no legs on the case to prop the stove up. Small slots at each end of the bottom of the case are all that this stove uses for air venting.

    The fuel tank is made of brass, although the color looks otherwise.

    A large valve stem exists where a filler cap should be. I left it as found since the valve is still operational.

    1408164979-LakeSize2.jpg 1408164992-LakeSize3.jpg 1408165004-LakeSize4.jpg 1408165035-LakeSize5.jpg 1408165056-LakeSize6.jpg 1408165068-LakeSize7.jpg 1408165081-LakeSize8.jpg 1408165097-LakeSize9.jpg 1408165124-LakeSize10.jpg 1408165146-LakeSize11.jpg 1408165166-LakeSize12.jpg 1408165180-LakeSize13.jpg

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    Dec 12, 2004
    Hi, Sam,

    Yessiree!! That one is a great stove to post at this particular time, and I think you know the reason why, too!! LOVELY, and absolutely interesting and unique!! Nothing like the "Monkey Wards" Lakeside stove that I have, but very much like the Model 3 PW that's you and I have been discussing of late!! Excellent timing, and thank you, very much, for your posting of this neat old PW/MW stove!! Does the proprietary pump from your earlier PW fit the fuel cap of this stove? Looks like it might. Thanks, again, for posting this, and well done on scoring it! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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    Mar 24, 2010
    geez Sam, where do you find all these beauties? I never see anything like that up here in my part of Canada