My recent $10 Optimus 99!

Discussion in 'Optimus No:99' started by Doc Mark, May 2, 2010.

  1. Doc Mark

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    Dec 12, 2004
    Greetings, Friends,

    As some of you may remember, my Mother-in-law recently scored a nice old Optimus 99 for me, at "that same old swap meet", for all of just $10! You have GOT to love a Mom-in-law like that, Mates!! ;) 8) :thumbup: :D/ :clap:

    I only had a small amount of time to check it out, and this stove still needs a complete cleaning, but after only a tiny amount of fettling, this little 99 has already shown me it's stuff!

    I filled the tank with Meths, and let it set overnight, as the wick was stiff and sticky. Also noted, the cleaning needle had been left in the "up" position by it's former owner, and was stuck fast to the jet oriface. Unfortunately, when I turned it down, the needle simply broke off, stuck in the oriface! Oh, well.... I found an old jet and once I could see Meths wicking into the burner, I dump the Meths, refilled the stove with Coleman fuel, replaced the original jet with the old one I found, and set about to see if this little 99 would actually light. I'll let you decide for yourselves, Mates:

    1272811756-DSCN2723_opt.jpg 1272811777-DSCN2724_opt.jpg 1272811803-DSCN2726_opt.jpg 1272811839-DSCN2727_opt.jpg 1272811889-DSCN2728_opt.jpg 1272811916-DSCN2729_opt.jpg

    Well, Friends, I think you might agree that this little 99 is working very well, indeed, already!! Thanks, Mom!! :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

    I used it without a cleaning needle, and may just continue to do so. With an old pricker added to the case, it will work just fine. Of course, it still needs a good cleaning, and the key is a bit rusty. But, other than replacing the jet with an old spare I had, rinsing the tank with Meths, and changing out the rock-hard fuel cap gasket, this stove really needed very little attention, and is burning nicely, me thinks!

    Thanks for checking out my little $10 Wonder, and thanks, again, to Mom for finding this little gem and scoring it for me!! Well done, Mom! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
    Doc (blessed in so many ways, and thankful for each and every one of them!) [-o< [-o< :thumbup: :D/
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  2. mr optimus

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Good afternood Doc what a lovely mother inlaw you have and a great score as well Doc after i minor fettle it works superb with a great flame and cherry red burner basket i will look forwrd to seeing it all cleaned up well done there Doc and your wonderfull mother inlaw :clap:
  3. RonPH

    May 1, 2009
    Doc, she sure does have a lovely flame :thumbup: the stove I mean....and as I have mentioned before you have one really nice MIL :clap: