Old camp stove found under shed

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    Oct 30, 2018
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    Thanks @Wim. @kerophile , thanks for the link to soldering S.S. as well as the link regarding the leg replacement. I do have a couple of hose clamps that I used to align the two parts of my transmission pump, they should be just the right size. All of this will be very helpful once I get back on the project. I have learned enough from the links to make me aware that this is not going to be a simple project and patience will hopefully prevail. Hopefully my seal kit from the fettle box will have arrived by the time i get back in and I can at least see if the thing work. Thanks again.
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    Regarding stainless soft-soldering....

    Ask around and see if you can locate some Orthophosphoric Acid. What manner of stuff is this you ask....?

    As eluded to in Kerophile's link, it's quite an agressive acid that keys/fluxes stainless very well and allows it to be soft-soldered. Wipe/drip on, solder avoiding the fumes and wash off with soapy water.
    Test it on some scrap material first.
    I have had success with lead and silver solders :thumbup:

    I use it when I have to repair some stainless items without warping, stopping the end of stainless rope fraying, and when Baker's Soldering Fluid just won't get the job done on contaminated brass/copper/steel.

    Read the MSDS/SDS, use at your own risk, I always take the necessary precautions when I use it and store it in a double-bagged HDPE bottle when not in use.