Optimus 00, fixed legs, early 1920s.

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    Jun 23, 2013

    Fixed leg Optimus 00 from the early 1920s (c/f), photographed above next to a collapsible '00' for comparison. The collapsible is from an only slightly earlier date and shares all of exactly the same tank markings as the early 1920s fixed leg. The fixed leg '00' has led a much harder life, and shows it, but there aren't that many examples around so no apologies for such a scruffy gallery entry! Note the fixed leg version has even longer leg top sections than the collapsible version; clearly equally intended to be able to be used without a trivet if necessary.

    DSC09773.JPG DSC09774.JPG DSC09775.JPG DSC09776.JPG DSC09777.JPG