Optimus 182 project.

Discussion in 'Fettling Forum' started by Stef, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Stef Netherlands

    Feb 11, 2019
    Hi guys,

    This is my Optimus 182 I found in Sweden two years ago. It finally arrived at my place yesterday with an 181 and some vintage lights I found there.

    IMAG2075.jpg IMAG2076.jpg IMAG2077.jpg IMAG2078.jpg IMAG2079.jpg IMAG2080.jpg IMAG2081.jpg IMAG2082.jpg IMAG2083.jpg IMAG2084.jpg IMAG2085.jpg IMAG2086.jpg IMAG2087.jpg IMAG2088.jpg

    It's missing some parts and one of the control knobs is not lining up with the other one. I'll try to get all the missing parts and all the materials to fix it up. I looked around on the site but does anyone know a good tutorial for restoring these burners and tanks? I'm not sure on what other Optimus stoves these where used.

    Greetings stef